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Website Tutorial — You Need To Know:   

On April 30 2017, I made some changes  to   Previous visitors will note the basic format has changed.    I noted to my somewhat displeasure the color of the links, have also changed from green to red.    Since I’ve used the red color as an identifier to highlight something important.  It might get a bit confusing.          I’m not going to go through and edit as in change every link, I’ve provided.         Should you put the cursor on the link, a line or underscore will appear beneath it…click and scroll.

Just wishing you the best of luck and hoping that you find the link, without to much frustration.


Allow me to help you  find your way around and find the various videos and posts, on a wide variety  of subjects.  Keeping in mind we have youngsters who can handle a DCC Throttle and Computers with no problems and oldsters (like me) who are perhaps using a computer for the very first time.   Not to mention everyone from the electronic genius’s to those of us who are clueless.  I present the following tutorial.

A Short Tutorial on how this site work’s

  1. Click and Scroll:  I give you, your own personal KEY to the whole operation.   You won’t get anywhere unless you Click and Scroll.  
  2. Green Print uhh…err Red Print  If the print is red you can click on it and it will link you with another page on this website or a number of  tutorial blogs outside of    IE., Administrative Memo,  click on the red print and you are high-balling down the internet main to the next presentation.
  3. Getting Back to     You’ve clicked on a link to another website, having read it you find yourself wanting to get back to  To get back click outside the post and up should come a box of some sort, click on “Arrow” or “Back” and it will return you to the former  post.  You know the one  you were  reading.    If you click on the arrow in the toolbar it will send you back to your own home page.    Then you get to start all over again.   Not a lot of fun. 
  4. Categories:   “Select Categories.”  This is without a doubt the easiest and ” Best Way” to navigate this website.  It’s as close to an Index page as I can get.   You can find specific subjects pertaining to your questions of interest.     Go to “Categories” in the right  hand corner.   Click on  a title of your choosing and you are cleared to highball to the subject matter of choice..
  5.  All Posts:   I discovered a feature later on as I was building this website.    I learned I could group various posts together.   Look for and click on  IE.,  “Track – All Posts” and up will come  a variety of  posts dealing with that subject matter.
  6. Once you are to the post of your choice.   You will note just above the title or at the bottom of the page,  other categories you can click on   to continue your search.
  7.  Recent Posts:      Check in weekly to see what’s new.  Here you can find the most recent additions to the blog.   This is relatively self explanatory and you shouldn’t have any problems advancing to the next post.
  8.  Archives:    You can click on the month of your choice and up will come all the postings for said month.
  9. Comment or Contact Us Box:   At the bottom of each page you can find two boxes.   The first one is “Comment.”   Here you can leave a comment or two or your two cents.   Subject to administrative approval it will be posted here.    The “Contact us form”.  Here you can e-mail us privately.     I checked it out and it works.    You can Contact us with your questions.  Do inform us if a link or video  doesn’t work for you.  As always,  waiting to hear from you.
  10. Search:  The search mechanism like others leaves a lot to be desired.    It doesn’t work very well.   Although I’ve noted it has worked for a few who were searching for a specific How-To.
  11. Markers or identifiers:   I will use the “Bold” and “Italics”  to emphasize a point.    I will use Red, Brown, Blue, and Purple to drive a point home or you can use them to assist you with relocating a point I made.   I will also use titles (as seen here) for specific paragraphs    Should you ever need to return to study a particular How-To, these tools should help you.
  12. Most paragraphs have a header which will identify the subject matter to  be discussed.    As seen here with the bold.    I don’t use CAPS, except when I really need to make a point realizing you can’t hear me raise the volume of my voice or how I finish or end the sentence.   Perhaps an  expression of my disgust… with something I don’t approve of. Kind of like YELLING!  Grin!
  13. Rick Approved:   I will do my best to leave no doubt as to what I do and don’t approve of or support.   If it says Rick Approved then I approve that message.  No this isn’t a politically sponsored message and/or advertisement.

Head to “Categories,” “Archives” and/or “Recent Posts”.   To be found under the header/picture in the right hand corner of this page.   Pick a subject, click and scroll and you should be on board.    Now, you shouldn’t  have any difficulties or problems  navigating  this website.

Readability:    This may not be the easiest read but then I never claimed to be an English Major or  Professor.    If you get what I’m saying… here?   It is what it is!

This is instructional and it’s hard to make it entertaining at the same time.    I gave it my best shot and I can only hope you are spurred on to building that dream layout of yours.

I have a readability gauge that tells me whether I came close or not.    I suspect an automated computer, “Big Brother Thing.”   I suspect in the future you will see all kinds of PC ratings.    If you expect PC here you may-be in for a surprise.  Yes, I resent the …well…out of PC.    An attempt to censor my personal thoughts on various subjects.    In time I suspect our computers will tell us what to think and how to write.      Automated Censorship…which I don’t approve of.

If you find the screen unusually bright…well…so do I.  I don’t like the bright, white background and would prefer a gray background.    Still working on that.

Regarding the information and How-To’s found here:  You will read where I say.    Take what you want from here and leave the rest behind.   Do not hit the delete button…that’s my job.     Could I be fairer?

Enjoy this website and I hope you find ideas, helpful hints and How To’s that inspire you to move forward with your train layout.   With helpful  instructions, some of the best advice out there and professionals to help you.   How can you loose?

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to browse to your heart’s content.    For now it’s FREE!   N/C!   

Advertising:   We do try to support the website with advertising.    Although that doesn’t appear to be working-out very well.    We do support advertisements of a hobby nature and welcome advertisements from various Hobby Shops.

Sponsors?    I’d welcome that but what I don’t welcome  the control they want to assert.

Go have some fun with your toy trains or model railroad.   Well, not everything will be fun but the final results on a operations night, will provide it’s own rewards.



Post Script – Political Issues:    I don’t usually discuss my particular view point regarding politics or religion… but… recently I’ve been so disgusted with our political leaders that I’ve managed to ooze out some of that  here on    You can find more of the same in “Categories-Political View Point” and my “Personal Profile”.    Not a happy camper with the Democrats and/or Republicans, including the direction they are taking this country. Not a Globalist, I’m a Patriot, Don’t fence me in, DON’T even think about taking my weapons away from me and LEAVE my government as the fore-fathers set it up.  Climate Change?  Yeah, sure!  What are they thinking? Apparently I’m not alone and there’s more of us then I originally thought.   That can’t be all bad.

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