Turntable – Walther’s

Walthers HO Scale 130′ Turntable.

Installing a turntable is one of those pleasant challenges.  Not as difficult as one might think.   Wiring it in…well…that might be another story.

The Walther’s turntable is without a doubt my favorite of all of them.    It’s as close to replicating the  Americana 1:1 foot scale, the real deal, as you can get.

How to install a Walthers HO Scale 130 ft DCC turntable from start to finish

Published on Jul 20, 2012

http://www.trainworld.com/manufacture… Thanks for Watching jlwii2000

Nice work J..    You can find other videos J., produces on You Tube and I highly recommend taking the time to view them

I’m working on a How-To wire-in a turntable.    Having difficulty finding wiring diagrams that are appropriate.    Now add to the fractious…  the DCC revolution or is that resolution and you have one serious con-flab going on out there.

Not that now is the time to bring this up BUT it seems there’s more bad wiring diagrams then there is good ones.  Sigh.

This posting is a work in progress as I have wiring diagrams to add here and other videos to post.  Stay tuned there will be more to come.


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