DPM & Walthers Building Kits

DPM & Walthers Building Kits, both manufacturers  put out some of the most realistic looking buildings, I’ve seen in a long, long time.      The Cornerstone series and now relabeled Walther’s kits are amazing.

If you purchase a DPM kit you will want to see this next video.   You won’t regret the time it takes to watch the next three videos.

Model Railroad Layout Building DPM Townhouse #1 How To

Hello, welcome to my YouTube Channel. I have produced several build video’s over the past several months with great response and so I have continued this adventure with the Design Preservation Models Townhouse #1.  Thanks for watching,  Mike.

I learned a How-to or Two from Mike.   Do you want to see more?   I do.  Mike also shows us some hot to tips on how to build and finish  two Walther’s  kits.    From the box to the finished product.

Model Railroad HO Scale Build – Walthers City Apartment Building

In this video, I unbox, paint, weather the Walthers City Apartment Building. This is a background building in HO scale made by Walthers. I build this with some roof detail that is covered decently in this video. Using Walthers Roof Details and Bragdon Enterprises weathering powders, I cover the roof for you guys. HO Scale brickwork is lightly covered as well, you might find other video’s on my channel that cover the Brick work in more detail, this video I wanted to share more of the roof detailing. Hope you enjoy! Please, leave feedback with questions if needed.   Again thanks for watching Mike.


Weathering and more

This is a video showing the build of the Walthers New River Mining Company. In this video I cover the complete build with unboxing to detailing. The Walthers New River Mine was a really fun build and I would recommend it for any modeler railroad or not, just fun to do. I use other things in this build including walkways, add an additional door and several other detail items that help this building really pop out and look great.   There is more at my channel so feel free to subscribe.   Thanks for watching, Mike.

Thanks Mike for sharing these videos with us.  Now it’s time to get busy and make it happen.


Scratch Building – Buildings

“Scratch Building :”  is when you start from nothing as in no kits or other prepared model parts and you cut out your own walls, roof, door and window frames using either wood or polystyrene sheets.    I’ve even seen some modelers use card stock but I don’t recommend it.

“Kit Bashing:”  In this next video tutorial DJS Trains will show us some Tips and How To ‘s, with regard to  taking a DPM building kit and adding in his own ideas.

You can combine all kinds of ideas from the various presentations  made here on BarstowRick.com.    You can build most any type of building you want.  Take a picture and start from there.

“Nothing like some real estate on your model railroad,” Greg M..

You will see some work here as done by Greg M..   He loves to scratch build most of his buildings on his layout.    He also uses kit’s and parts from such  to Kit Bash, various structures.    You can do the same thing.   You can start from scratch with blank sheets of wood, polystyrene or plastic.   That is is how Greg M. built  the train station as seen  in the header.     Would you like to know more about that?     Then make yourself at home here.

He started by taking photographs of the building with one of his children in the picture to give him some idea on how to size up the building.    Obviously the station if built to scale would take up half the layout so size compression was/is the answer.

A visit to the LHS to pick-up certain styrene sheets, roofing materials, glue, paint and decals for lettering.   Never mind certain painting supplies.   Next he had to sneak into his daughter’s cosmetic drawer for some spray & cosmetic lids to make the domes.   Then into his grandson’s chalk’s  for weathering.     His wifes, hair spray or medium matte, as the finish coat to seal everything in place.   Spot the building on the layout and enjoy the oh look,  oo-we’s and awes of his visitors.

The first  step in construction is to  draw it out on the polystyrene sheets.    Greg M., took and drew out the station as he perceived it should be.   Using a scale ruler he begin to shape up the building and then it was time to to cut it out.   He then cut it  out forming up the walls and interiors.  He then  primer-ed the walls with black paint.    Why?   Greg, likes to light up his buildings and he doesn’t much appreciate the light shining through the walls.    Light shining through windows is ok but not the walls.       Some simulated stucco work and then the final shot of  paint on the walls.   After they dried he then put  the sides, walls and roof together.   He then added in details like the windows, window sills and framing.  Once satisfied with  the outside  and he had the desired effect.    He proceeded to add in  details such as clear plastic for the windows,  window details inside and outside  including curtains, pull shades, working lights, people, figures and outside  shrubbery and much more.    At some point he lettered or decal-ed the various signs on the outside walls.   IE., REA sign and station name.    You can see the results of his work for yourself.  Yes?  The train station  I’ve been talking about can be seen  in the header.  Yep, I said that already but I can’t help but brag about it because it’s on my N Scale Layout.    Thanks Greg.

When visiting with Greg, I learned his  two daughters got in on helping him with the finishing details.  A family project.   I can add details that wouldn’t change the character or make up of the buildings. I thought about making some structural changes and then it hit me.    A Lot of family love went into these buildings. There’s a lot of love in that building.    I decided that unless it’s to restore a damaged building I won’t be making any dramatic changes.

More on this later but we are getting closer to showing you how to scratch build a building.   Still looking for that perfect video.

Is there anything absolutely perfect in model railroading?   Other then the fun we have.   NO!   Most of what we do turns out to be a caricature of the real deal.    Seldom does anything look like the real deal or come together with the prototype dimensions…. until I add some weathering.

Speaking of the real deal.    DJ is the real deal he is a engineer aka hog head for the CSX railroad.    While the rest of us are wanna be’s or pretenders.

Let’s take a look and check out what DJ is doing.    DJ Kitbashes a DPM building.

Model Railroad Tips, Tutorials, “Make a Unique Building”. DPM and Scratch building

Thanks for tuning in DJ.

If you think we are done…we’ve not yet begun.

Here is a link that will give you some more tips, ideas, tools suggested and How To’s for   Scratch building your own structure.   Start with something simple the first time out.

Model Buildings from Scratch http://www.building-your-model-railroad.com/model-buildings.html


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If you don’t click and give it a read you’d be missing out.   If the print is in bright green you are cleared to highball to the next link.    When you are done do come back…there is more…to read and good How-To’s, to discover.

Stay tuned.


Low Releif Buildings

Low Relief Buildings for your model railroad combined with a great back drop can bring depth to any toy train or model railroad..   It’s easier then you think.    Easy….tooo…..easy!


Model Railroad Scenery Backdrop – Low Relief Model Building B455

http://www.modelbuildings.org/Low-Rel… The background or backdrop on a model railroad layout can be just as important as the foreground. The backdrop can not only hide a wall or sharp edge, it can also add dimension and perspective to the scene. With clever techniques, the distant view can appear to extend further than it really does. This can make the whole model railroad layout look much bigger than it really is.    Thanks for watching MTR..


Click here to see some of the better relief buildings:  http://www.kingmill.com/

I’m not a great fan of paper buildings but on the backside of your layout and up against the backdrops they add  a certain amount of eye appeal.

Are you enjoying this website and finding the contents here helpful.  We’d like to know.    Contact us and let us know.