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I’m delighted to have you stop in and visit this blog. You are more then welcome to do so. You don’t need to  register or subscribe to follow along.

So far this is free to read and the tricks of the trade, ideas and tips presented here should be a big help to the newbie and perhaps some of our more  experienced model railroaders.

This website is a bit unusual in that it’s not an active blog. Now what do I mean by that? Allow me to explain.

  • You are welcome to visit this website and glean what you can as a toy train enthusiast or model railroader.
  • This is not a discussion website.   What this blog is not designed to be, is one where you can participate like you might on other Toy Train or Model Railroad websites.
  • If you are looking for a discussion group I would highly recommend you go to:   Some of the finest model railroaders, good friends and I participate there.
  • Comment boxes are open and you can feel free to use them.    You can add your two cents worth and perhaps a better idea.
  • Your pictures of your layout can be posted here.   You will have to send them to with a brief description of the layout and/or profile about yourself.

The Contact Us Page, will allow you to communicate with  my associate and I.    Feel free to use it.

The Comment Box will allow you to respond to each specific post.   To publish the comment here,  you must use a proper name or a recognized knick.  This is not model railroaders anonymous.   The subject material must be specific to the post.  After you’ve submitted your thoughts, It then comes to us for moderation.  Once approved it will be view able, at the bottom of the post in the comment box provided.

What I won’t post is remarks that are off subject,  hostile critiques of resources shared here and or contains inappropriate language.  I won’t allow comments that lead to unapproved  advertising….no free advertising.

Exceptions:   You will find videos here where I do allow the producer of such  to advertise here.    I don’t expect anything more from him or her other then their support.    Kind of a mutual admiration and/or friendship.

New or Old Product Reviews:   If I review a product you can  rest assured I’m supporting it.  I’m putting my reputation at stake by doing so.

I will allow New Product News.   Submit it to me in writing with appropriate graphics and in the preferred mode of a Review.

There’s two Administrators or Moderators working this website.   Al K. and myself RickH..  You can expect us   to moderate anything that falls into what we consider to be out of line, inappropriate, spam (automated computer gibberish) and send it to the  trash can…file 13….out of here.

I will post:   Your Suggestions IE.,   “I found this video and it really helped me”  or  “I made this video would you like to add it to your site?” Video’s that are monetized will be welcomed. Can I link my blog to your blog? As long as the subject material is about Model Railroading and/or Trains, done.

I do encourage you to take what you want from here and leave the rest behind.   Don’t hit the delete button that’s my job.

I may not agree with other authors on How To accomplish a particular task and/or the procedures they follow.   I will make suggestions as to alternate ways to accomplish the same task.    I do respect All of the presenters here.   Why?  Because, they are doing their best to support and promote the hobby.    That can’t be a bad thing.

We can agree to disagree!


Do respect the copyright issues and we will all get along fine and have a good time.    If you copy something I said here and take it to an active website to discuss it…DO be sure to quote me in context and use “,” to identify me and give proper credit.     All written and pictorial copyright’s will apply and are reserved by the management of this website.    I will give you the same courtesies should I bring points of your discussion or photos to this website.   Proper credits to be given when and where applicable.

Do I need to say more?   Yes, I do.   If you find a video that no longer works or a link draws a blank please contact  us and let us know.  Use the    “Contact us,”   form at the bottom of each page.

Did you get the memo?

Now if someone asks you if you got the Memo?   Yes, you did and then ask them if they did and direct them here to  Grin!

FYI   Re:  Advertising

Advertising you see here.   You need to know the two of us administering this blog are not happy with the advertising.    I went through and withdrew a number of advertising blocks.  Some of which you may have seen here in the past.  in hopes someone… somewhere would get the hint.    They didn’t.   Keep in mind the only way I benefit is if and when you or someone else clicks on them and views them.     It won’t cost you anything but it does cost the advertiser.    So click on the advertising block,  if you dare.   The monies we make… go to defray the cost of this website.  Judging from our experience over  the last two years… I can assure you I won’t get rich.

Google AdSense, is a marketing tool and the things you’ve searched for on the internet, will more then likely jump up here.       Contrary to what I’d like to see.    Which would be various toy train or model railroad sites and internet mail order houses.   I’d welcome such anytime.   Doesn’t appear I have a choice.    Yes, your right!   I don’t think highly of such and figure the brain tank that thought this up, was only looking out for the advertiser.

After thought,  I see the advertisers as a bunch of freeloaders.     Seriously!   I don’t get paid for the advertisement showing up here and yes I’m grumbling in my beard about that.   It’s just not fair!  GRRRR!    I said exercising my freedom of speech.    Grumble, grumble, grumble….I’m working on it.   Grin!

So, let’s get back to playing trains and running those railroads.  Oh gosh darn it,  we need  to build a layout.   First things first.


Here you can see me enjoying John Acosta’s, HO Scale, Gulf & Pacific Railroad.    I’m actually the hogger or hog head for the UP freight as it negotiates the layout.

So, what’s your pleasure a Toy Train Dizzy Maker Roundy Round or a Model Railroad?

Toy train is easy, throw together some track in a circle, hook up the transformer and knock yourself out.      The other not so easy but by far more rewarding.

Have fun!


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  • In time various links will quit working and videos will no longer be accessible. When that happens I’ve left two directives. (1) Keep what I’ve presented here and the links that move you around this website/blog. (2) The other directive is to kill this website.

    So, get what you want from and do me a big favor enjoy the…well… out of this hobby.

    RickH. Author and editor of

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