Prototype Operations – Designed After The 1:1 Foot Scale

I have to warn you that this isn’t the most popular subject among Toy Train Enthusiast and the majority of Model Railroaders.    Most Guys and Gals just want to run trains round and round and round again on their layouts.  They could care less whether or not it’s a prototype operation.  Like many of us after a hard day…watching a train run around the layout can be relaxing.

That said let me introduce you to something I enjoy.     Just not as a steady diet.

Someone once said,    “If it turns into work it’s not a hobby.”  They nor I would be the first or last one to say so.  So this is all about our own perceptions or definitions of what we call fun.  You know,  various levels of “Fun.”  Not to leave out, the choices we make.

Toy Man Television and his video presentations always captures my attention.       He’s done several on operations but this one strikes me as being the best of the bunch.   A Operations – How To!

Super Real Operations on an HO Railroad

Published on Jan 15, 2017

Lee Nicholas’ Utah Colorado & Western uses a highly realistic operating system based on prototype train operations in 1950 including a CTC mainline. Lee started the 30 X 33 layout in 1970 and has worked on it ever since. He has developed a super realistic system of train orders, waybills and switch lists which are very close to the way a real railroad scheduled crews and train moves using a computer system called Flex Bill. His CTC control board is from the Union Pacific and while it uses modern computer control, it even has a sound system that reproduces the sounds of the original relays.

Look for other videos every Sunday morning on YouTube Channel ToyManTelevision.   Thanks for watching, Toy Man Television.

There are so many things I consider right… about this presentation it would take me forever to share it.     So, do watch the video and listen to the presenter.  Do note the terminology.   Nothing like adding this dimension of railroading to your layout.

What is my favorite part of the presentation?      My busy body heckler is in my face again.  I personally   like the idea of a simple switch list.

I’m one of those who has to prepare mentally for an operations night.   I take my experience over to John Acosta’s, Gulf & Pacific Model Railroad, right here in Big Bear Country.    There are times I’m only in the mood to run trains and could care less about operation’s.  There again on the flip side I might be in the mood to take  a local out and make switch moves.    Hand me the prestige job of hogging a crack passenger train and I’m in seventh heaven.    If there’s such a thing.

A close friend once told me I don’t have time to watch those confounded videos you post here on    Well, just between you and me… if you aren’t watching, you aren’t learning and your layout is stagnating like a cess…!    I think you know what I mean.

Right now my layout is stagnating like the above said description!    I need to get my $#!+ uhh-err ACT  together and hopefully as winter leaves I will be able to get out to the train shed and get some remodeling done.   You know re-model some of the scenery, re-align some track, add a industrial spur or two and set-up for operations.

Remember this is all about you and what you want to do.    A mission of Self Discovery.   I do suggest trying it out…you might like it.   Grin!