Prototype – Train Operations

Operations of a prototype railroad and knowing how to replicate such can add interest to a Toy Train or Model Railroad’s Operations.

All to often, you’ve most likely read here… where I say we should replicate the 1:1 foot scale.   Well, if you are a protoyper and you want realistic operations, that would be true.     We will imitate as in  replicate  the train operations and  proper terminology or  lingo used by the Rails.

Rails:    An employee of any 1:1 foot scale railroad.     They knew what they were talking about.    Also how to shorten things down so communication wasn’t dependent on verbal communications.    Although that’s changed up a bit in today’s railroad world.   Radio’s have added a new verbal dimension to railroading.

Guessing you may be tired of hearing me repeat myself.   After all  this may not be for you.   Remember, it’s all about the choices you make.   Here we are all about you!   My mind is made up and it will be up to you to decide  how to operate your miniaturized train layout. Go figure!

Recently,  one of my search’s caused me to bump into a video that takes me back to a time from my past.   A time,  I’d like to recapture on my model railroad.    Keeping in mind we can only do so in our imagination and how we actually operate our trains.   Oh and don’t make the mistake of thinking this is living in the past.    Not at all.   Just a visit to what was.

A look at the past including crews performing switching moves (not turnout moves), dispatching and the control panel they used.    Here’s a glimpse of the past, from the past and to the future.   The future of your toy train layout or model railroad.

Santa Fe Valley Division

Published on Feb 23, 2016

We hope you enjoyed it.   Thanks for watching, Steve Arnold.

This took place just outside of Fresno, California in the San Joaquin Valley.     Some of the Rails as seen here have participated on various Train type websites.     Interesting perspectives should you have time to find their input.

Did you note the hand signals used by the switch crews.   You can modify them down to something less dangerous around a model railroad and enjoy the same benefits of the big boys.

How about the dispatcher working the board.    Nothing we do in model railroading ever gets that authentic.     We can come close to replicating it and there are posts on how to do  that here on

I can’t wait until the next operations night to play trains uhh—err operate my railroad.    “We don’t play trains we run a railroad”.   I didn’t coin that someone else beat me to it.  I think it was John Allen or one of his many cronies of the time.    Otherwise,  author unknown to this hobbyist.

That’s about it for now.