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DCC is aging but has some advantages.    Someone said it’s about 20 years old and is, do I dare say, old technology at this point.   There’s something new blowing in the wind. You might want to check out the following:    BlueRail Trains…who would of thought?

A letter from David Rees, BlueRail Trains.

Hello from BlueRail Trains.

Manufacturing has begun on the first BlueRail boards. This involves 2 weeks of PCB manufacturing followed by 3 weeks of assembly.

The boards are being manufactured locally and when completed will be available for US and Canada shipments on the BlueRail site for $75 (plus tax and shipping).

We will send a separate email out soon with information to those of you living outside US/Canada.

Next week we will send out some more comprehensive information about the first board to help you decide if it will suit your needs. We will also provide you with a link that will allow you to indicate if you are interested in purchasing the first board, as well as related harness and battery-connection options you may also be interested in. This will help us plan for release.

Look forward to more details next week.

David Rees
BlueRail Trains

The above memo is a copy of an E-mail sent to me by John A.    Thanks John.    We are both watching this closely to see what benefits it has to offer.

There are a number of us in the hobby looking for an easier option as compared to the present DCC systems.      There’s just some features about the older DCC that is a source of frustration and I do talk about such here on four part series, DCC Friendly Switches or Not right here on  BarstowRick.com.

The BlueRail Trains appears to be very promising.     The question most of us will have is:     Is it easier to program in all the CV’s, Speed Matching and Accessories?    Or do we have to?

There’s more from BlueRail Trains.

BlueRail Train’s First Plugin Board

Published on Nov 1, 2015

BlueRail Train’s first Bluetooth Smart Plugin board – available Late December 2015 / Early January 2016.    Thanks for watching BlueRail Trains.

I can all ready hear the chatter from fellow toy train enthusiast and model railroaders.     Some of you are going to welcome this and appreciate the benefits it brings.     Others will scoff.     I’m thinking it’s about time and I’m liking what I see…so far.

I’m waiting to hear the magic words “Plug and Play” and “User Friendly.”

I wonder what happens when the phone rings and it’s your significant other or spouse on the line?     Oop’s!    I got to go I have trains to run, I said COL.

This next video may answer some questions.

Blue Rail Trains – smartphone controlled trains

The BlueRail Trains circuit board plugs into a DCC-ready electric train and let’s you control it with your smartphone or bluetooth ready device.

Did they really run that train the way, I thought they did?

BlueRail Trains:   We will update this post as news arrives at BarstowRick.com.

My question is:   Is this BlueRail without Bachmann?    I think so.

Stay Tuned