DCC Sound-On Board

The following is old news but wearing  a new hat.

DCC Sound Units, Tsunami, LOK, TCS WOW sound units with all the realistic steam chuff, whistles, bells and horns brings to model railroading a unique gift.      Something many of us have clamored for over the years.    Oh we got whistles that sounded more like a siren winding up.    Almost steam chuffs that were anything but synchronized with the speed of the locomotive.    A source of consternation met  with blatant blank stares on behalf of the providers or manufacturers.    I’m sure we have a name for them but I can’t use that here.   The bad news is we’ve  waited to long and the good news is… I survived long enough to see it happen.    Yes!

Now before I get all wound up and turn this into another of Rick’s Vents/Rants.      I have some great news to share with you.    Take time to focus on the next videos.

TCS WowSound demo

Nick Muff’s Model Railroad

Looking to do something different with your layout.   Check this out.

Over time I will bump into something that just impresses me.   Jaw dropping.    Here is one of those.    You won’t believe it.    So, rather then spoil it for you,  take a look.

A good friend and fellow model railroader John A. and his good friend Tom C., sent me this link to a You Tube Video.     Saying the first five minutes are just awesome.      And they are!

Wait till you view the last  few minutes”.    One amazing set-up and layout!

A video visit with Nick Muff.

mrhmag.com – August 2011 Nick Muff interview – the FULL 30 minute version

Check out scenes that were omitted from the original 6 minuter version of the Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine interview of Nick Muff. This is a bonus video from the August 2011 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine – mrhmag.com

Thanks for watching, Nick Muff.

After picking-up our jaws off the floor.     And we’ve all reported to E.R., to have our jaws re-set….    Wow!


Critique:     I don’t do this very often but I couldn’t ignore the obvious.  This isn’t about the layout but the video production.

At one point in the presentation, I did note both presenters were individually mic’d up. That’s a good thing.

To start with they were trying to communicate through a hand held mic, while standing in the dark shadows of the door frame.     When it comes to photography and sound this sound technician (as in live sound mixing various  presentations)  sound equipment installer and amateur photographer takes notes.   I’m just wondering when the   Guys and Gals who make these videos,  will  learn how to use ambient light to their benefit and adding artificial lighting when and  where it’s necessary.    Rule #1, Mic up everyone involved by using wireless microphones and mix sound through a mixer.    Rule#2  Add lighting were appropriate.   I wasn’t sure at first if I was watching a ghost show as in “This Haunted House”.   AND!   Rule #3, have an amateur or experienced camera man setting up the shot’s.

Gosh almighty, when are they going to wake up to these necessities and the realities of what makes a good video.

The only thing that would of made this better…trains running around the layout and a peek inside the cab.      Where were the trains?   How about a good shot of the basement under the passenger station.

Despite it all… fun none the less.      Pullman green with envy. If you didn’t get any ideas?    Well…..where were you?  I heard you, “Was I gone”.    Grin!